Hello my name is Ned from New Gisborne Priamary School, and for inqiry the year fives are doing Australian history. I am studying a convict called Alexander Pearce, if you have reasearched him can you please answer these questions.

Why did Alexander Pearce escape from convict labour a second time?

Why did he steal boots (was it cold)?

What was he doing when he was compelled stole the boots?

Thank you for reading my questions and looking at my blog, can you please veiw my Alexander Pearce trailer above.

Gisborne Secondary Collage

Today the year 5’s and 6’s went to the gisborne secondary collage. The first thing we did was drama, we played some really fun drama games. When we finished drama we went off to art, at art we drew on the back of music disks,we made patterns on the disks I made mine a flower but all the flowers were doing something different. Over all I really enjoyed this expirence and I would like to come to the high school again.

Magical Minecraft

Today the school started our coding. The hour of code today was a Minecraft recreation of course in an hour you couldn’t make a hole Minecraft you would actually have to make it small and 2D, but the fun thing about this was the end in the end (stage 12) were we got to have anything we want mine was mostly the same as Minecraft but sheep just stand there and drop patatos.



A creeper got into my unfinished house… BOOM!


I finished my hour of code YAY!